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Rafting South Fork American River

How to Guide a Raft

A raft on a river needs a guide or captain, who calls out paddle commands so that the group can work as a team. If you are new to this, study the

Guiding Page

A group rafting on the South Fork American River

Being Safe

There are many things that every rafter needs to know to be safe on the river  and be an effective paddler. All your participants should read the

Paddler Page
 Large Group Organizing

Big groups are a challenge! Read what I've leaned to help make things go smoother!

Group Organizing

Rafting the Middle Fork American River

Group Organizer Rewards

Rent two rafts at a time and get a 10% credit on your next adventure! Rent three or more and get a 15% credit!

Welcome to a Cool Adventure!

Large Raft Group

Rafting days left this year:

September South Fork - Weekends only

October South Fork- Saturday only

 September Middle Fork - Thurs to Sunday

Welcome to the world of self guided river running! Canyon Raft Rentals has three different class 2 (basic manuvering) runs available nearby and free training for beginners with a half hour video presentation in the Scurvy Dog Theater. Thousands of newbie's have successfully run their first class 2 rivers here. Many go on to eventually run the class 3 runs.

How it Works: Rafts come deflated and will fit in a car truck in most cases. They are supplied with a large pump, life jackets and paddles. You can can do your own transportation to and from the river if you bring more than one car, or you can get shuttle service at the beginning or end of your trip depending on which river you decide to run. At the end of your trip you deflate the raft, roll it back up and return it to Auburn. 

 Renting a raft or kayak is a much more adventuresome and rewarding experience than taking a guided tour. It puts you in control. Canyon Raft Rentals is all about helping you learn and progress in the sport of river running. With the tutorials on this site and a video presentation before you head out, you'll have a grasp of the basics of raft navigation and teamwork and be ready to practice your skills on one of our easier class 2 runs. And you'll do it for a lot less money too!

Canyon Raft Rentals is located in the town of Auburn above the canyon of the North and Middle Fork American River. These two Forks meet just below Auburn at what is called the Confluence Area and then continue on into Folsom Lake as the Lower North Fork.
A half hour drive on Highway 49 takes you to the South Fork of the American River which also flows into Folsom Lake. That gives a choice of three rivers and six runs to explore. To get an overview of the area, check the River Map and click on a river section for more details.

Why aren't we located on the river?
Since most access points to these rivers are in State Park lands and El Dorado County does not grant permits for raft rental businesses, you have to bring the raft in yourself. Only outfitters who do guided tours are allowed there and they can't do rentals. So, Auburn is as close as possible.

Rafts, Inflatable Kayaks, Tubes, Stand up Paddleboard
Rafts come in sizes from 9' to 14' holding 2 to 8 people. Inflatable kayaks are for one or two people. There are tubes to try also.

Office Hours

8:00AM to 1:00PM weekends & holidays. Open most other times also but make a reservation or call ahead.

Reservations: The best way to do this is through the reservation form. But feel free to call if you have questions 8:00AM to 9:00PM.

Pre-Trip Preparation: It is important to prepare yourselves for this adventure. Co-ordinated teamwork is required at times to set up for and run the rapids. These runs are not suitable for a booze cruise. Each participant should be informed and ready to do their part. Rafting is a team sport. Study the educational pages on this site (left column links) and have all your participants read them. Have driving directions to the office, put-in and take-out for your river section printed out ahead of time.Try not to arrive late in the day with a poorly prepared crew.










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